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If you want your bathroom to shine and to be perfectly hygienic you need the right products. Use the right products and you will see that it makes your work a lot easier and produces

excellent results. Keep in mind that these are just suggestions. You can try other ones as well. In the end it is important to find what product works best for you and your bathroom.

General Bathroom Cleaner Products

cloroxsprayIt is a good idea to have one bathroom cleaner that can remove soap scum from wall tiles, glass and plastic surfaces as well as from shower heads and taps. It’s a good idea to get a bathroom cleaner in a spray form. It is easier to apply over al types of surfaces.

Clorox is one of the most recommended bathroom cleaning products. It removes soap scum easily and quickly. It contains a safe disinfectant as well. This makes it great for removing all the germs from the bathroom surfaces. Scrubbing Bubbles is a nice alternative to Clorox. It has all the same properties. It offers mildew and mold protection as well. Read more about the Best Bathroom Cleaners

Floor Cleaner

You should definitely get a separate cleaner for the floor. It has to be stronger than the universal one so it can remove soap scum as well as dirt from shoes and different stains. You should be able to use it with a traditional mop or with a more innovative model of mop.

Bona is one of the most highly recommended floor cleaners and not without reason. It is effective for removing dirt, grime and all types of stains, including soap scum. It works on all sorts of floors including marble and stone ones, without harming them in any way. It is even effective for cleaning and preserving unglazed tiles. Bona has a neutral Ph and does not leave an oily shining film after use. The cleaner sanitizes the surface as well.

Toilet Cleaner

You should also have a separate toilet cleaner. You cannot use the universal bathroom cleaning products to clean and disinfect the bowl. It is definitely recommended to use antoiletbowlcleaner automatic cleaner of any type, but you will have to do some scrubbing as well, especially to remove dirt from under the rim.

You can readily opt for Clorox, which is one of the most popular toilet bowl cleaners, but the one from Seventh Generation seems to be a far better choice. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not contain any of the harmful chemicals that are bad for the environment and produce a terrible odor in the bathroom. In fact, Seventh Generation comes in a variety of great natural scents. This toilet bowl cleaner is effective for removing dirt from all parts of the toilet.

As long as you get a set of these three types of bathroom cleaner products, you are all set to clean and disinfect all surfaces and to give them the natural shine they should have. Just remember to use the right tools. You will need a soft cloth, a mop for the floor, a toilet brush and a toilet bowl ring remover.